Selected papers for submission of "Applied Energy"

- Paper No

  • ISAF-0013
  • ISAF-0027
  • ISAF-0039
  • ISAF-0040
  • ISAF-0046
  • ISAF-0048
  • ISAF-0051
  • ISAF-0052
  • ISAF-0053
  • ISAF-0054
  • ISAF-0055
  • ISAF-0058
  • ISAF-0059
  • ISAF-0064
  • ISAF-0066
  • ISAF-0068
  • ISAF-0072
  • ISAF-0074
  • ISAF-0075
  • ISAF-0076
  • ISAF-0077
  • ISAF-0078
  • ISAF-0087
  • ISAF-0107
  • ISAF-0110
  • ISAF-0111
  • ISAF-0112
  • ISAF-0113
  • ISAF-0129
  • ISAF-0134
  • ISAF-0138
  • ISAF-0143
  • ISAF-0144
  • ISAF-0146
  • ISAF-0150
  • ISAF-0200
Congratulations, authors. Your papers are recommended to submit to the special issue of Applied Energy.
Currently, the Applied Energy(AE) is preparing for a special menu to receive your manuscripts.
In the meantime, you may want to prepare for your submission through the AE website(
That is, you need to submit your manuscripts in the same format of general submission to the AE.
However, the reiview process will be slightly simplified comparing to the general one and selected manuscripts will be published in a special issue of the AE.
We will send an email to individual author when the AE is ready for your paper submission.