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  • (1) Prof. W.H. (Emile) van Zyl (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)
  • (2) Dr. V.N. Raina, Director General (All India Distillers' Association, India)
  • (3) Dr. James D. McMillan (National Bioenergy Center, USA)
  • (4) Dr. Jin Seok Lee (Korea Institute of Energy Research, Korea)
  • (5) Prof. Ocktaeck Lim (University of Ulsan, Korea)
  • (6) Dr. Kohki Ebitani (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
  • (7) Dr. H. C. Bhandari (Crest Biotech Pvt Ltd, India)
  • (8) Dr. Tae Young Kim (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Korea)

Prof. David Chiaramonti (University of Florence, Italy)

Title: Status of Advanced Generation Biofuels in Europe

Prof. David Chiaramonti obtained his PhD in Energetics at the University of Florence, where he is teaching Bioenergy Conversion Technologies, performing research at the Center for Renewable Energies - CREAR, and chairing the Renewable Energy Consortium for R&D of the University of Florence (a private-public no profit research Institution for R&D in the field of Renewable Energies). His main scientific interest is on the production and use of biofuels, either liquid, gaseous or solid. His research work covers thermochemical biomass conversion processes as well as liquid biofuel production and use. He is a member of several associations and scientific committees, as IEA-Bioenergy, ISAF, and FREE-Italy. He carries out the technical secretariat of the Leaders for Sustainable Biofuels, chairs the Research Advisory Council of DBFZ (German Biomass Research Center), acts as expert for the European Commission, Italian Ministries and Regional/Local Authorities, and coordinates various EU and national projects on these issues.