Venue & Associated program

- KDJ Convention Center In Gwangju, Korea

KDJ(Kim Dae-jung) Convention Center

  • - Building area : 31,711㎡(underground 1F, upper ground 4F)
  • - Title : Commemoration of former president Kim DaeJung (Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2002)
  • - Records : approx. 60 exhibitions & 800 conferences per year
  • - Website :


How to Come : International Connection

Incheon International airport

Incheon International Airport(IIA) offers connections to over 176 cities in 49 different countries. Incheon International Airport was ranked the 1st in the world by the Airport Service Quality Assessment. 2008 Global Traveler Magazine and the Official Airline Guide also declared Incheon International Airport to be the best airport in the world. Domestic flights are available between the Gimpo National Airport(Seoul) and Gwangju 14 times each day.

International Flights in Service

→ Flights from 172 cities 54 countries by 84 airlines

Transportation Conditions

Gwangju is a transportation hub for all of the west coast of Korea. It is easy to access from anywhere and can be reached within an hour from any location in the country, and many bus, plane and train transport is available. It has a well-established transportation environment ranging from air, railway and express bus service within one day’s drive to all major cities including Seoul, Inchoen, and Busan. It takes about 50 minutes to travel from Gwangju to Gimpo(Seoul) by air, 1.5 hours by the KTX(Korean Train Express), and 3.5 hours by car. The distance between Gwanju and Busan or the second largest city in Korea is 286.8km and it takes about 3.5 hours by car.

- By Air

  • Every international flight bound for Seoul is scheduled to arrive at Incheon Int’l airport. On the other hand, all domestic flight for Gwangju takes off at Gimpo domestic airport. Therefore, you should move from Incheon Int’l airport to Gimpo domestic airport. Domestic flights between Gimpo and Gwangju airport are available 7 times a day. Further information
    When approaching from Incheon Int’l airport to Gimpo airport(domestic), either KORAIL airport railroad or Airport limousine service will be available.
Departure > Arrival Return Cycle (required time) Operation Hours
Gimpo Airport > Gwangju 7 flights a day (50 minutes) 07:00 ~ 20:05

- By Train

  • Trains run from Gwangju Station or Gwangju Songjeong Station. Train fare depends on the day of travel and the station of origin. There is also a tourist bus that runs from Gwangju Station to all major attractions in Gwangju. Most train routes run north to south in Korea. There are very few that run east to west. While a train may be fast for travel north or south of Gwangju, if going somewhere east or west of Gwangju, it’s best to check out Korea’s national bus system for a more convenient trip.
  • For boarding KTX, you should move to Youngsan station by KORAIL airport railroad and get a ticket for Gwangju or Gwangjusongjeong.
    Further information
Train Stations Operation Interval Operation Hours Required Time
Yongsan > Gwangju 9 commutes a day 06:20 ~ 20:50 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Yongsan > Gwangju Songjeong 10 commutes a day 05:20 ~ 21:40

- By Express Bus

  • Express buses are available at Incheon Int’l Airport, Muan airport, and Busan-Sasang to Gwangju bus terminal according to each arrival airport as below.
    For the case of Muan airport, BUS to Gwangju bus terminal is available in Muan airport at your arrival time.
    *Bus terminal in Busan-Sasang can be used for people landing on Gimhae Int’l airport and is 30 minutes distance from Gimhae Int’l airport by airport limousine.
    Further information

- Associated program : SWEET 2015

Solar, Wind & Earth Energy Trade Fair

  • - The International New & Renewable energy specialized exhibition in Korea
  • - Varied events are held to show the current trend and future of New & Renewable energy industry
  • - ISAF participants can attend the exhibition of SWEET for free

Exhibition Overview

  • - Title 2015 SWEET Fair
  • - Period : March 11~13, 2015
  • - Venue : KDJ Convention Center
  • - Hosted by : Gwangju Metropolitan City
  • - Scale : 20 Countries, 250 companies, 700booths
  • - Website :